Interested in Volunteering to Help Our Program?

The Falcon Band Booster Club is always looking for wonderful volunteers that are willing to dedicate any part of their time or efforts to the Falcon Band program. Volunteer as little or as much as you like! There's no obligation. Every effort makes your student's experience greater!

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You MUST also register with CCISD as a Volunteer.

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Chaperone FAQ

Chaperone Welcome Letter

Community Support:


  • Support our corporate sponsors with your patronage, including Fry’s, Visible Changes, and Staples
  • Enjoy meals at the local restaurants on Spirit Nights
  • Refer a local business to support the band with in-kind or financial donations
  • Work with your employer for matching contributions to support the band
  • Sign up to be a volunteer BELOW!!!
  • Be a chaperone on the game buses and/or at the games and contests
  • Give your time and talents to help at the Rock-a-Thon lock-in, Epicurean Night, Spring Banquet Step up to be a committee chairperson or help out a booster planning committee 
  • Help wash band uniforms (more volunteers means less for each volunteer to wash) 
  • Support your student by attending the games, contests, and band
    activities (they definitely know you’re there!)
  • Meet the band at a game or contest and volunteer to help with
    whatever needs to be done – serving water, passing out/collecting
    uniform mirrors or hat plumes, help moving the percussion equipment, etc.
  • Go to band activities such as Rock-a-Thon, Family BBQ dinner night,
    ExtravaBandza, the Bites at the Lake night, Spirit Nights at local restaurants
  • Purchase delicious Butterbraids, Holiday Poinsettias and Holiday Cactus plants
  • Come to the monthly Booster Club meeting and you’ll be better informed! 
  • Be a supportive donor in the Fall Membership campaignPurchase an
    official band shirt and other spirit items
  • Get and use Share cards for Randalls, HEB and/or KrogerCheck out
    the Booster club website at to stay current
    with what’s going on with the band