The Falcon Band Booster Club meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

Meetings are held in the Band Hall and begin at 7:15pm.


All parents are welcomed for their input and volunteer efforts!


The Falcon Band Booster Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  
It supports the band including all it's sections, drumline and color guard.

To contact the Booster Club: 

Falcon Band Booster Club
P.O. Box 891612
Houston, TX 77289-1612

What is the Falcon Band Booster Club? 

  •  A tax-exempt 501(3)c organization to support the activities of the band

  •  Made up of parents who are unpaid volunteers who step up to give their time and talents to help the students have a memorable band experience 

  •  Fathers AND Mothers of our band students (all grade levels)! 

  •  Organizers of fundraisers to raise money for the operating expenses of the band not covered by the school district (i.e. supplies, equipment, and transportation that students may need) 

 We are NOT

  • Part of the PTO or PTSA organizations 

  • A well-funded organization that does not require the volunteer efforts of parents and the financial support of parents and community partners

How Does The Band Use The Financial Support It Receives? 

It takes a lot of funding to create and sustain a top notch, competition band. Each year, funds must be raised to support the operating budget for the band. 

Funding sources include:

  • Various fundraisers and spirit events the Booster Club hosts 
  • Membership donations 
  • Corporate sponsorships and in-kind donations 
  • Employer matching 
  • Share cards: Kroger, HEB and Randalls 
  • purchase rebates 
  • Annual band fees

How is the money used? 

Major expenditures: 

  • Direct support (clinician and contest fees, Color/Winter guard expenses) 
  • Scholarship and financial aid awards 
  • Transportation: Trailer and other equipment maintenance and trailer fuel